Taming the Waters of Rishikesh

Of river rafting and kayaking  


Turning dreams into reality…

This time, exactly a year ago, we dreamt of a paradise full of beautiful things close to nature, a sky full of stars and the endless river alongside our camps. We woke up the next morning to preserve the bubble, blow some possibilities into it and geared up to fulfil those dreams. Our friends at Dehradun were off to Rishikesh over the weekend and they had been asking us to join them the whole week.

I guess impulsive decisions are the best. Off we set to the much needed break from reality. We reached by noon and headed straight to Shivpuri, one of the highest points to start rafting. Life jackets, head counts and gear – all in place. One final check and before we knew it, two of us hopped on to the raft, while the other friends decided to go kayaking.


Ready, set, go…

About thirty minutes in the river, it started drizzling. Surprisingly, March-end turned out to be way colder than expected. About ten minutes later, our cold spines and numb limbs struggled to row the raft at its pace. With chattering teeth and immense courage, we successfully crossed one rapid after the other, without toppling the raft over. Braving the rapids and paddling along the rafts, our friends managed to weave quite a distance with their kayaks. In fact, they overtook us pretty soon. It was an amazing experience gushing through the rapids, especially Three Blind Mice, making sharp turns and paddling our way tirelessly.

The end point led us to a snack joint, where we ordered hot maggi and tea and sipped away to soothe our aching arms and sore muscles. What an experience that was. This was my first river rafting encounter. The take-backs from the trip were plenty, as were the lessons learnt. While my friends and companions were nearly professionals, I learnt that you must test the waters that scare you, try and venture out and deep in the rivers, strap up and have your life jacket on, buy SUP India gear from trusted sources, and make the most of the company you are in.  Agreed that there might be a dearth of good paddle equipment and sports gear in the country, however, there are some brilliant e-commerce set-ups like Madras Fun Tools that provide world-class equipment.


Planning the next adventure…

There was no stopping us after that trip. We planned a number of such vacations in the same spot and down South too. It is no wonder that travelling makes you stronger and bolder. This trip surely got us alive and kicking yet again, sprinting up the water bug in us; indeed one of the most refreshing and thrilling vacation in ages. If any of you plan a water adventure up North or want to experience kayaks SUP in Bangalore or regions around it, do check out kayaking and paddle sport equipment at Madras Fun Tools, a dedicated sphere of high quality water adventure equipment and the best space to buy SUP in India.

More travel lined up…. Stay tuned. 

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