Let’s Talk Kapsalon and Kebaps at Zu’s Doner Kebaps

Of twists, turns and skews…

A small take away joint at Kalyan Nagar, Zu’s Doner Kebaps offers delicious kebaps and kapsalon. Keeping the quality of preparation in mind, the food is pure value for money.


Let’s go backwards and talk about a dish that stole the limelight – the kapsalon.

The sinful ‘Kapsalon’

As sinful as it gets, it comprises of a layer each of fries, mayonnaise, chicken, cheese, lettuce, cucumber, onions and tomatoes (optional) with ketchup drizzled on it. Need we say more? Mix well and dig in…

Various stages of Kapsalon…

Kebab or Kebap?

Kebap. Yes, you heard that right. Kebap could be called the national dish of Turkey, given the love for kebaps in people’s hearts and the number of outlets springing up at every nook and corner. It is believed to have originated at the time the Turkish soldiers poked meat with their swords and skewed it on fire. We are discussing kebaps here, as Zu’s Doner Kebaps serves this authentic Turkish dish at their outlet. Another input received is that kebap is a Turkish spelling of kebab.

Open Doner Plate (was just about to launch)

Doner Kebap Rolls:

Talking of kebaps, let’s focus on the doner variety, aka the doner kebap. The word ‘doner’ literally means ‘to turn’. Here, the meat is put on a vertical stick or skewer and is turned for hours till it cooks evenly with the heat it receives from the grill. Most of you must have observed the process at the time of placing the order. I could stare at it for hours.

Doner with its turns and twists…
  1. We ordered the Doner Kebap Roll (Wheat) just to swipe the guilt streak away, and to our amazement, it turned out to be way better than expected. The meat was tender anyway, but the wheat bread was soft and tasty as well. Never underestimate the power of brown/wheat bread. 😉 What else? -> Lettuce, cucumber, onions, mayonnaise, sauces.
  1. The second one we tried was a Hummus Doner Kebap Roll. This was one of our favourite ones. We loved the way hummus had been used so liberally. The texture of meat was perfect, and this coupled with the hummus spread, made for a lip smacking take away. A special mention of the hand crafted sauces that are used in the rolls and most of the dishes here, has to be made. Do they accentuate the taste? Well, yes.


 Doner Kebap Roll – in the making…

Lyf&Spice recommends:

We recommend the kapsalon and wheat version of the doner kebaps. Did we forget to mention mango smoothie? Please ask for it – it’s delicious.

Order and connect with Zu’s Doner Kebaps:

Location: Kalyan Nagar (where we ate) and Indiranagar





That’s all folks!!

Read… Drool… Eat!

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