Authentic Nyonya Cuisine at Nancy’s Kitchen, Melaka

 A touch of Nyonya in Malaysia… 

We made it to Nancy’s Kitchen!

I love Nancy’s Kitchen!

I was running through TripAdvisor when I came across Nancy’s Kitchen as the best place for Nyonya cuisine. A number of other sites and blogs recommended the place too, so I thought why not gain a first-hand experience and find out if it is hyped or true to its name? I am so thankful that we made it here on a Monday evening, an experience I would’ve missed if I hadn’t read about it.

The famous Nyonya restaurant…

When to go?

Lunch would be the best time. It operates from 11am-5pm from Sunday-Thursday, 11am-9pm on Fridays, Saturdays and public holidays, and is closed on Tuesdays.

What’s on the menu?

The food is exceptional! There are options for rice and curries, appetizers, pork ribs, laksa, ribs, prawns, fish, duck etc. Colourful desserts, sticky rice and cakes are the signature dishes of Nyonya cuisine and these are available at the restaurant as well. The menu offers a lot of options. However, we pick and discuss our favourites as always!

Ready to order?


Lyf&Spice picks:

Popiah: A massive spring roll made of flour wrap, stuffed with chopped vegetables like cucumber, turnip and beans, egg, coriander and sauces. Tasty, filling and juicy, it is a good option for vegetarians. Luckily, we ordered just one as it was huge and we had to share it.

Massive spring rolls

Pai Tee: This crispy and thin flour tart is served in a set of 5. We would definitely recommend this fancy hat-shaped appetizer, stuffed with lots of veggies, topped with crispy onions and coriander leaves. (Can’t get enough of it!)

I’m a food hatter 😉
Beautiful presentation


Ayam Pongteh: This chicken dish is made out of fermented soya bean. Non spicy, flavourful and light on the palette, the curry preparation was truly the best of the lot. It was perfect and despite being huge in quantity, two of us consumed it down to the bone. What did we have with it? Well… we think plain, steamed rice would be the best bet.

Perfection on a platter!
Chicken curry with steamed rice

Nyonya Chang: This Nyonya dumpling is a snack made of white and blue glutinous rice. It is stuffed with pork and coriander and can be eaten as a dessert as well. Available for MYR 5, there is a separate rack with a number of dumplings wrapped in leaves. Pick what you like.

Nyonya Chang
Pick and pay

Nyonya Laksa: A meal in a bowl. Choose from yellow noodles (mee) or rice noodles (mee hoon) to enjoy this Malaysian curry noodle delicacy.

Nyonya Laksa

Beverage: We tried a lemon and plum drink. There are more options. Please ask for the drink of the day.

Refreshing and mild…

About Nyonya cuisine:

Nyonya or Peranakan cuisine has been derived from the Chinese migrants or Peranakans who migrated to Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore and soon mingled with the locals. Thus, the cuisine has a lot of regional variations. A strong influence of Chinese spices and ingredients incorporated in the Malaysian style of cooking can be seen in different parts of the country including Melaka.

Too much to handle… #yummy

About Nancy’s Kitchen:

This beauty offers lip smacking Nyonya food. If you are a first timer, take help in deciphering the menu. The staff is patient enough to run you through the options as per your taste and liking. It used to be situated at Jonker Street earlier, but has now moved a new location.

Selfie with Wonder Woman ‘Nancy’!

I got a chance to meet and interact with the wonderful woman behind Nancy’s Kitchen, Chef Nancy herself. She explained a little about Nyonya cuisine and her passion in Nyonya food and cooking. She also told me about cooking classes that she conducts on prior appointment and booking. To book a class, reserve a table and locate the restaurant, check out their website.

**Lyf&Spice recommends Nancy’s Kitchen for its authentic Nyonya cuisine, impeccable service and great quality of food.**

That’s all folks!!

Read… Drool… Eat!  

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Disclaimerrrr – My blog, thus ‘my’ views! 😉

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  1. Melaka’s variety of food items are very tempting. Your presentation and pics have created excessive salivation. Keep on exploring the FOOD WORLD.

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