New menu launch at Saffron-Hotel Park Plaza, Bangalore

Of North West Frontier cuisine and Indian flavours…

Saffron – Hotel Park Plaza

An exotic culinary experience!

Chef Md. Ishitiyak and his team have crafted a new menu using Awadhi spices to artistically present an authentic North West Frontier cuisine, in an attempt to lure your palettes to try North-Indian flavours in the busy roads of the South.


When to go?

It’s non-operational for lunch.

Book for dinner instead: 18:00 – 23:00


What’s on the menu?

Saffron has redesigned its menu to offer an exclusive North West Frontier cuisine. The menu contains refreshing aperitif, good options for vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters and main course, plus dessert.


Thandai: A classic cooler made of almonds. This Thandai contained seeds of poppy and melon, garnished with rose petals, and was really refreshing – much needed after a long day at work.



Paneer jaali kebab: Sautéed paneer slices in a green chilli marinade. These were served with chopped raw mangoes, coriander and curry leaves.


Sunheri khasta: Desi verison of corn-flour battered spring rolls, stuffed with finely chopped carrots, cucumber, celery, olives, pine nuts, potatoes, rolled in vermicelli and fried. Fancy name and very appealing presentation.


Surkh macchi tikka: Clove-smoked char grilled fish with Rajasthani spices and chopped red chillies. Trsut me, it wasn’t as spicy as it sounds. Being intolerant to chillies, if I could have it, anyone can!


Murgh ki chap: The peppery yogurt cheese that seeped into the thigh portion of chicken, made it tender, juicy and tasty.


Main course

Churan ke kareley: Bitter gourd with cumin and fennel seeds, and mango powder for that tangy twist. Have it hot!


Saffron dal makhani: A rich, creamy slow-cooked lentil preparation, which is by far the most preferred option with rotis.

Faizabadi murgh qorma: Chicken tikka in a yogurt marinade. This dish has a hint of cardamom with cashew nuts, poppy seeds and more.

Hare masale ka kadhai gosht: Lamb shoulder in green masala – coriander, green chillies and mint – succulent!

Kofta: This rather complicated-sounding kofta consisted of a dumpling made of spinach and cottage cheese, cooked in a rich gravy. The highlight of this Ratan manjusha aloobukhara kofta was the dried plum stuffed in it.


Awadhi biryani: Saffron-induced chicken-rice preparation, cooked in a closed vessel for dum.


And something for the vegetarians.. Pulao


Assorted bread basket: Choose from tandoori roti, naan, parathas and more.


Highlight of the basket: Egg paratha – soft, flaky and tasty!



Gulkand (rose petal) ice cream

How’s the food?

The food is good, if you want a hint of saffron-flavoured dishes, scent of whole masalas, and soft meats made in creamy gravy preparations.

The paneer was slightly rubbery, while the saffron content of biryani was too over-powering to relish the aroma of its fellow-spices. However, the chef and staff were really receptive to feedback. Sunheri khasta was a tad dry, and tasted average. The must-haves have been listed below.


Lyf&Spice picks:

Surkh macchi (fish) tikka, Murgh ki chap, Saffron dal makhani, Gulkand ice cream.

The fish tikka was absolutely lip-smacking – soft and tender with just the right spices. It undoubtedly earned its spot on the top of my list. Murgh ki chap was juicy and yummy to the bone! Then again.. who could go wrong with Dal makhani?! 😉 Gulkand ice cream had the flavor of rose petals rightly infused through the creamy dessert.


Fish tikka


Knock knock!

Cost: Around INR 900 – 1000 per person

Decor: Rich interiors with ornate details, dim lighting, hookah and mouth fresheners on display, emitting an Indian vibe

Seating: Indoor + outdoor

Service: Prompt, courteous staff, open to suggestions

Location and reservation:

Hotel Park Plaza, 90/4, Outer Ring Road,

Marathahalli, Bangalore 560037

  • Take the service road on Outer Ring Road, to avoid getting stuck in the mainstream traffic.
  • +91 8884400136

Parking: Basement


Join the journey to transport yourselves to a world of flavours, timelines and aromas.

That’s all folks!!

Read… Drool… Eat!

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Disclaimerrrr – My blog, thus ‘my’ views! 😉

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  1. To read about Saffron, is like a gastronomical tour! Would love to visit over the weekend for biryani and gulkand ice cream. Keep up the good work of writing in a manner that makes our mouths water to try new cuisines and aromas.

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