Ramadan special! Iftar dinner at Renaissance Kota Bharu Hotel, Malaysia

Of lavish dinner spreads and breaking fast….



Variety of dates and dried fruits


It’s June 2016 – it’s Ramadan, the holy month of the Islamic calendar! This month sees people breaking fast in the evening, after sunset, marked by Iftar parties or dinner. Renaissance Kota Bharu Hotel has been hosting one such Iftar dinner through the month, at ‘Palm Terrace Cafe‘. With scrumptious eats and tasty spreads laid out, the dinner hosted by them is something you cannot miss. Here are glimpses of some of the dishes you must try:




Let’s take a look at the individual sections. Pick what you like 🙂


Curries: Curries comprising of ikan (fish), kambing (lamb), daging (beef), ayam (chicken) and a combination of lentils and vegetables + sauces made from peanuts.


Murtabak: Stuffed bread with minced meat, chopped garlic, sometimes potatoes or peas and onion. A live counter serving the best murtabak/martabak -> chicken or beef with pickled onions, dal or chicken curry.

Rice and lamb: A separate section has been made for this. Pick your plate, and fill it with flavoured rice, topped with lamb chunks. There is plain steamed rice that can be had with curries as well.


Stews and soups: When it comes to soup, we know you like it hot! You will find a metal pot with stock being simmered, surrounded by veggies and meat chunks, ready to be cooked in hot stew. Make your own customized soup by choosing  the ingredients you like. A pot with beef or oxtail soup is all yours to try as well, with some accompaniments.


Asam Laksa- The special ‘Penang Asam Laksa’ –> fish soup with tamarind, chillies, lemon grass etc.

Greens, salads and meaty chunks: Have your fill of leafy greens if you wish to go the healthy way!

Use them as a salad, a healthier accompaniment or steal some for your soup 😉


Kerabu salad – refreshing salad made with easily sourced ingredients like papaya, shrimps, fish etc. The display insludes kerabu perut, betik, ikan, udang.

Dried fruits: The spread can’t be complete without dates! Pick from a variety of dates and dry fruits, hand-picked fresh and tender, especially for you.



Iced beverages: Iced drinks ranging from lemon tea, strawberry and grape infusions to those made using sabja seeds add a dash of colour to the refreshing set.




Fried meat: If you love fried meat, you’ve got to try these: fried chicken, fish fry and satay.



Dessert: For those with a sweet tooth… indulge!!!!




Decor: Care has been taken to match the decor to the theme, with miniatures planted on the main slab of the restaurant + chicken in their coop leading to the staircase.



At the lobby and flight of steps leading to the restaurant

Lyf&Spice speaks: 

Whether you are visiting the lovely land of Kelantan, or stopping by for a night before heading to Perhentian Islands, make sure you stop by for the iftar spread. We have been posting updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (lyfandspice) as well.



[**Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are based on Lyf&Spice’s experience and aim to showcase key highlights of the dinner.]

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