World on a Plate ‘International Food Festival’, Bangalore



What: India’s 1st international food carnival

Where: JW Marriott, UB City – Bangalore

How: To know ‘how’ the event was, read on…


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Click here to read about what happened at the Press Conference!


The event that was…

The Garden City of Bangalore was set ablaze on the first weekend of June, and why not? World on a Plate had people waiting to attend the first such international food carnival, to enjoy gourmet delights at festival prices, to hang out with their friends over food and fun, and in the hope of meeting their favourite chefs. Like we quoted earlier, the city always offers something different and new.




Where there is food, there are foodies. Where there is a lavish spread at festival prices, there are 10X foodies gathered at the same spot. Amidst the chaos and rush during the wee hours of the festival, there was a sense of excitement and thrill in everyone’s eyes as they waited with bated breath to get a glimpse of their favourite chef(s)!




Life’s a picnic indeed!

The buzz around the trio-chefs stirred excitement amongst people and saw joy-pangs soaring! With too much happening under one roof (rather 2), life sure was a picnic on the 4th and 5th of July, 2016.


The happenings:

  • Food stalls
  • Food trucks
  • Farmer’s market
  • Selfie backdrops
  • Caricature sessions
  • Memorabilia – INR 600
  • Memorabilia signed by Master Chef – INR 1,200




Let’s check some spicy and flavourful highlights of the festival. Ready for the ride? Hop in…

  • Tete-a-tete: Needless to say, these interactive sessions were what people were looking forward to.
  • VIP Brunch: For those who paid a price for brunching with the 3 musketeers
  • Master classes: Live classes with the culinary gurus themselves, were conducted at different spots of the venue
  • Live streaming: If you followed WOAP or the chefs on Facebook, and turned your notifications on, would know exactly how it went – people logging in from different parts of the world, comments and likes flowing all over the screen and loads of wishes pouring in from places across the globe. This gave everyone the opportunity to be vicariously present at the event.
  • WOAP app: This gave an insight into what the program would be like, the venue, itinerary, menu and bookings.
  • Restaurant pop-ups: Keep reading…



Menu display (L), Caricature in progress (R)


Stalls galore:

Stalls showcasing mouth-watering delicacies prepared by the 3 culinary gods themselves were the stall-highlights of the day. Besides these, there were numerous restaurant pop-ups. WOAP carnival menus were displayed outside all the stalls, selling some of their signature dishes at festival prices.


JW Marriott:

Stalls line-up: The Lalit, Dum Pukht, Brahmin’s Coffee Bar, Haagen Dazs, Good Day Chunkies, Lavonne, Matt Preston, Ottimo by ITC Gardenia, Punjab Grill, Rejoov Cold Pressary, Alba, Baluchi, Soda Bottle Opener Wala, Whitefield Marriott-Bar and Grill, Zen by Leela Palace, Esplanade.


Let’s stir some dal, at The Lalit
Biryani & Kebabs at Dum Pukht


Soda Bottle Opener Wala
Alba by JW Marriott


Whitefield Bar & Grill


UB City:

Stalls line-up: Cafe Noir, Capeberry, Berrylicious, Aioli, Fava, Dolci, Kopper Kadai, Salt, Toscano, Shiro, Sanchoz, Hunan, George Calombaris, SingKong, Kopper Kadai, Stoner, Smally’s, Vembanad.


 At the selfie booth with the wonderful team of Knorr India


Gourmet treats at Fresh Menu (click here for our favourite bread spread)




The display at SALT Indian Restaurant Bar & Grill

Fake B52 Shots at Capeberry



Food trucks:


Look who’s here? The food beast Road Kill, of course!


Truckafe never fails to disappoint you!


Go Waffles, with their tasty, chocolaty delights


Farmer’s market and Quirky stalls:

While there were stalls selling fresh produce and preserves, there were others selling magnets, hand-made earrings, lamp shades, jewellery etc. adding colour and quirk to break the monotony of the food line-up.


Lovely display at Maratha Preserves


Happy Knots: Gorgeous hand-made earrings and other trinkets


Quirky ‘Bheemstyx’ – all purpose sticks, at Troops


The Fat Elephant, with their stunning creative pieces



Lyf&Spice Picks:


Chapli Wrap from Truckafe that melts in your mouth! The best we’ve had…



The killer ‘Chick Norris’ from Road Kill, with its perfect ingredients and freshly prepared sauces


The Cookie Dough Butter at Fresh Menu is to die for!


Paan Biryani at The Lalit – if you love paan, you’re bound to love this!


Elaneer Payasam at SALT- an innovative payasam mocktail

And.. it’s a wrap!

Tickets were available on BookMyShow. For people willing to try their luck, tickets could be bought at the venue as well. A lot had been happening, right from braving the traffic, sulking about terrible jams and battling the queues at the venue; to shuttling between UB City and JW Marriott Bangalore, brushing against the crowd to click and get clicked, expecting to have a better meet up with the chefs over brunch and the tete-a-tete session, and waiting for events to begin. Despite all this, the food festival offered an experience to remember. At the end of it, it was worth the wait for the sake of food and a chance to see the 3 culinary gurus! We saw the attendees walking out with an enriched food experience and overloaded phone galleries.



                                  That’s all from Lyf&Spice (for now)!

                                                                                 Thanks for reading folks!!



[**Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are based on Lyf&Spice’s experience of the event and aim to showcase key highlights of the festival.]



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