“World on a Plate” Press Conference by ‘Gold Rush Entertainment’ at JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru


What’s the buzz about?

Bangalore is abuzz with the 3 culinary gurus, flying down from Australia for the food festival this weekend (04, 05 June, 2016). Think food, think culinary masters, think Bangalore – spin these into a festive thread and what do you get? You get one of a kind international food festival – an intricate, well spun, perfectly blended fabric of culinary delights under one umbrella.

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Thanks to Gold Rush Entertainment, you get a chance to experience restaurant pop ups, interactive sessions with the chefs of world fame, taste endless dishes. The press conference on 03 June, 2016, held at JW Marriott Bangalore, gave an insight into the international food festival.


World on a Plate – indeed!

Kiran Soans, CEO of Gold rush Entertainment opened the session with his vision of bringing quality food to consumers at festival prices, giving everyone a fair chance to try out dishes at an international taste portion festival. Thanks to him and the efforts put by his team, the 3 culinary gods were flown down from Australia to ignite the fest for gourmands.

Culinary artists Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris took over by running us through the preparation of their favourite dishes, opened the stage to questions and engaged in a rather light-hearted, astute, interactive session.

Addressing their love for Indian food, South Indian dishes, and eagerness to try their hands at varied ingredients in the land of spices, the chefs expressed how happy they were to be in a country with such a diverse range of foods. Introducing a dash of Indian flavours to famed dishes, this is what they cooked and presented us with:

George Calombaris: He delighted the audience with his special dish ‘soft shell crab souvlaki’ and what did we find instead of a pita wrap – a paratha wrap, of course!


Matt Preston: Roasted chicken and pumpkin with interesting elements like curd, honey, beetroot, pistachio and spices was an interesting twist to a famed dish – a finger-licking treat indeed!


Gary Mehigan: White chocolate cream cheese cake, which was perfect in every sense; neither too sweet, nor sour, the cream and nuts complemented each other so well – it left us longing for more!


This was followed by a sumptuous lunch at JW Marriott Bangalore, the hosts of the 3 gourmet gurus.



Festival highlights:

  • Experience a showcase of Indian culinary talent
  • Enjoy a weekend feast at the best spots of Bangalore
  • Try out otherwise expensive dishes at festival prices
  • An opportunity to try innumerable dishes under one umbrella
  • A chance to witness/take up master classes from the chefs themselves
With a bunch of amazing new friends! 🙂

and then this happened…

Mandatory selfie with George Calombaris…
with Matt Preston…

Lyf&Spice tips:

  • Download the World on a Plate app from your app store to know the details of the one and only food festival!
  • Pssst… Wear comfortable shoes!

The taste portion festival is bound to be worth every penny and second spent. Where there is food, there is satisfaction; and where there are food curators as these, there is delight! Bangalore!! You are in for an experience of a lifetime!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are purely Lyf&Spice’s. Happy eating!!!

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