Home-made Cucumber and Lemon Juice


The goodness of cucumber & lemon



Take 1 medium-sized/2 small cucumbers

Slice and put them in a juicer

Add water to the thick cucumber juice

Add salt to taste

Squeeze a quarter lemon to it; stir


Voila! You have the green-tinted juice ready to start your day!





What’s in it for you…

  • Provides hydration
  • Is a good source of vitamins
  • Helps to cleanse and detox the body – antioxidants
  • Keeps the skin soft and muscles healthy – has silica, provides hydration
  • Controls blood pressure – keeps you hydrated, has potassium, contains nearly no sodium



  • Add a slice of lemon instead of squeezing the juice, and leave it for a while
  • Add mint leaves for a dash of freshness+to soothe your tummy,the foodie that you are 🙂


 Kick-start fresh!


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