Bangalore Food Truck + Music Festival 2016

                                       Where foodies went bonkers!


Bangalore has never failed to amaze us… A place for food, art, music lovers alike! When you think of spending your weekend in a rather unusual way, instead of just mall ratting, you know there’s always a line up of events to back you up. Fellow foodies… let’s take a tour of the food fest that was…. *DND* – Do not Drooollllll 😉

What. When. Where?

What: The Bangalore Food Truck and Music Festival was an experience to look forward to. Geared up for the 3rd weekend of May, were numerous food trucks of Bangalore, ready to welcome foodies, their friends and families.

When: 21-22 May, 2016 –>  11 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Where: Pebble the Jungle Lounge

Lyf&Spice stalks ’em trucks:

We stalked nearly all the food trucks at the venue and managed to click some and eat from some. These trucks were parked in a U-shaped pattern for visibility and accessibility. Just in case you spot them on the roads of Bangalore, make sure you stop by!







The favorites:

The menu was perfect for a generation that’s always on-the-go! Burgers, wraps, grills, BBQs, salads, ribs, chops, chicken wings, sandwiches, potato sticks, ice creams, waffles, sliders, parathas, fries, cakes and drinks were a part of the food pool. Swimming through the aroma from the trucks, we dived deeper into a few dishes to select our favorite few.

Our fave Pizza Paratha from The Green Cubes Express
Chicken Grill – A part of the Wicked BBQ Menu by the Wicked Chef
Potato sticks from Streety Treats
Choco-Land from Go Waffles – waffles+belgian chocolate+ice cream
Veg n cheese balls
Chicken BBQ

From A.M. to P.M……

Besides trying finger foods to finger-lickin’ foods, Bangaloreans also got to enjoy the changing sun scenes and music that got more intense by the night!

Highlights of the day:

Highlights of the eve/night:

Experimenting with lights and focus

Sipping drinks n’ swaying to the tunes of DJ Nash, the stage was then set for DJ Ivan to take over (to get a 3-second video glimpse, click here)

Grills and flame photography

To visit or not to visit next time?

This is exactly what the event looked like. Full of food and fun!!!! We expected more crowd. Moreover, the tables set amidst the trucks sort of blocked the passage, making it a bit congested. The key reasons to visit, however, remain the same – good food, various food trucks in one section, ample parking space, great music and of course, the lovely weather!!!! Make up your mind for the next event – it’s worth spending a Sunday with food, music and fun!

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