Street Art – Part 2 (George Town, Penang)

‘Boy on a Motorbike’ by Ernest Zacharevic at Ah Quee Street is a perfect piece incorporating an installation (motorbike) and art (boy).

My undying love for art takes me back to the streets of George Town, Penang… where I explore the murals I hadn’t seen in my previous visit. A day is not enough! You need to have good time in hand if you wanna leave no stone/wall unturned 😉

You must have gone through the photo tour George Town ‘Street Art’ of my favourite 20 pieces. Presenting to you a virtual tour of my next 20!!!

Boy ‘reaching up’ from a chair to the hole on the wall above – by Ernest Zacharevic, at Cannon street
‘Lion dance’ performer at Lebuh Gereja. What’s the chair for? To pose of course 🙂
‘Children on the Swing’ by Louis Gan at Step by Step Lane, off Chulia Street. Have fun by posing on the vacant swing as the brother-sister duo stare and smile at you!
‘Children playing Basketball’ at Chulia Street, the lane opposite the step-by-step lane.
‘Bruce Lee Cat’ mural at the sidewalk between Ah Quee street and Beach street, has a caption below that reads ‘The real Bruce Lee would never do this’. Message: treat stray animals well.
‘Feed the Stray’ – Give the dog some meat, by Kenji Chai, opposite the Bruce Lee Cat mural.
‘Cat paws’ all along the trail of children playing basketball till the end of the street… Found any missing kittens anyone?
‘I Want Bao’ mural at Armenian Street, painted by WK Setor. Spot this next to the famous Ming Xiang Tai pastry shop.
‘Nasi Kandar’ at Ah Quee Street! Self-explanatory isn’t it? 🙂
‘Minion’ mania at a no-parking sign board near step by step lane.
‘Cat on Tyre’… keep walking and find me… naughty *wink wink*
What’s your interpretation of this art at Lebuh Cannon?
‘Cats & Humans Living Together’ – created by the ASA  on the wall on Cheah Kongsi (temple at Armenian Street)
‘Darth Vader’ at a building along Ah Quee Street
One of my favourite 3D installations at Cannon Street
‘Cats Walking for Animal Awareness’ mural that adorns the walls of teh Beach Street Fire Station, by the ASA
Graffiti, colors, music and fun – you find this at almost every street. Don’t forget to jam with the musician using Milo cans, metal tins and other reusable items to form his own kinda music around Armenian Street.
‘Beauty is Colour-less’ – So simple, yet so meaningful!
What a cute depiction of the ‘Owl Shop’ at Lebuh Cannon- street art at its best!!!

This time we tried something different: the 3-wheeled Trishaw, without which we couldn’t have explored the streets lane-to-lane and end-to-end…..

The trishaw was such a savior!!!
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20 thoughts on “Street Art – Part 2 (George Town, Penang)

  1. I’ve heard lots of good things about Penang and I love that they have such great street art. So inventive and playful.

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  2. You’ve found quite a few of my favorites as well as some that must have been added since I departed Penang 3 years ago. I’ve never seen the 3D one with the stool, but I like it, too. Isn’t the street art in George Town terrific?

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