Closing the loop…



“And when I looked out of the window in anticipation of the rain,

It reminded me of my past, oh I felt so much pain!

The clouds have gathered, the sun surpassed,

What would it be like if I ‘closed the loop’ of my haunting past?!”


No one can really ever close the loop! Sometimes seeking an explanation leads to further complications, while at times even an elaborate conversation is not enough. I will not make that last call, for now I just don’t need to…. My answers are all within my head and I know what happened, happened for the best!

                                … Do you believe in making that one last call?  

                                                    … Do you hold on to your past or let go?   



3 thoughts on “Closing the loop…

  1. “What happens – happens for the best” – doesn’t this philosophy come true only after you no longer care about what happened?

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