Winding up 2015!


                              Of festivities and resolutions…


Yet another amazing year comes to an end! Of festivities, family, friends, fun and parties, the holiday season provides a much needed break from routine. While we pause the hustle and bustle of our lives, do we actually need to make promises and lists for the new year? After talking to some of my best buddies, resolutions or no resolutions, I have compiled a blend of humorous and serious “must-do’s”.


A season of celebrations and fun!



  1. Be yourself: Continue to do so. Do not change for someone else.
  2. Don’t be so boring: Make sure to try out a new hobby, new space, travel to a place you haven’t been to before and experience that awkward sense of freshness you have subconsciously been longing for.
  3. Different pose: Your friends are fed up of seeing you pose the same way 365 days a year. Your pictures are annoying them. Strike a different pose. Change that pout, wink, duck face for more natural clicks.
  4. Conquer your fear: Indulge in the activity you have always dreaded. Take the plunge! Fight against your fear and conquer what you were scared of.
  5. Be happy: Be funny, be stupid, be genuine! Do whatever it takes to keep your surroundings, people you care for and yourself happy. Connect with people who matter, connect with the world. Interact, communicate, be selfless and generous and Be Happy!
  6. Silly goals: Ever had goals that you thought were silly? Fret not – work towards them and flaunt them, be it hair goals, gym goals etc.
  7. Refrain from lists: Tear those lists of things-to-do! Keep them in your mind. Decide what you want to do in the forthcoming year and let your subconscious self work towards it! Lists, notes, post-its: tear them all! They could be the biggest stressors of your life.
  8. The time is now: To start something new, ditch an old habit, change something you have always wanted to – start NOW, begin right away!
  9. Chill: Don’t stress out for anything. Stress leads to impaired solutions and multiplied problems. Kick stress out of your life. Stay calm and remember there’s always a solution to everything!
  10. Celebrate life: Celebrate the smallest occasions in the simplest ways you can! Make every achievement, togetherness or family time a reason to celebrate. Celebrate LIFE as an event!


Let’s wind up 2015 in happiness and style! Lyf&Spice wishes you all a cheery NEW YEAR!!! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Winding up 2015!

  1. Happy New Year to U as well.
    It is very encouraging to one and all, younger or older to understand many points you mentioned.
    So live in present which gives CHEER, cheer up.


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