Perhentian - an enchanting paradise!

The Emerald Waters of Perhentian Islands

Stop! You’re at Perhentian:

Of sun, sea and sands, I thought I had seen them all. How different could one island be from the other? And then I reached an enchanting paradise of a cyan blue ocean, of cascading waves – the “Perhentian islands”.  The briny and nippy air breezing through the most pristine water on earth touches your face to make you go– “Oh! Let me soak my feet; Oh! Let me take a dip”. A visit is not enough! How could you possibly let the vastness of the island and its ocean blue seep into you? You could just return home with fragments of it to form an everlasting memory.

Perhentian and its pelagic blues!
Perhentian and pelagic blues!


What are these islands?

Situated at the north east coast of West Malaysia, these islands literally mean “stopping point”. The main islands at Perhentian, the ‘Besar’ and ‘Kecil’ sure have been attracting tourists from all over the world. Such gorgeous banks of shells and corals infest your mind with endless thoughts and excitement. The beauty and line up of activities at these blue jeweled tones was way beyond my expectations.

Perhentian - an enchanting paradise!
Perhentian – an enchanting paradise!


Land at Kota Bharu (Malaysia) airport. Take a 40 minutes cab ride to the jetty point Kuala Besut. The ferry or jetty (pre-booked preferably) will take you straight to the enchanting ocean in no more than 30 minutes.

Kecil or Besar?

Kecil: if you want to party at night

Besar: if you are looking for a calm and quiet stay

Must do:

  • Deep sea diving
  • Snorkelling
  • Sleeping in the hammocks
  • Walking along the beach
  • Taking part in the Turtle Conservation project
  • Island hopping
  • Kayaking
All 'gear'ed-up for Scuba Diving!!!
All ‘gear’ed up for Scuba Diving!!!

Must carry along:

  • Strong sun-block
  • Sunglasses
  • Basic toiletries
  • Snorkels and masks
  • All the madness!


Manage with:

  • Limited wifi – you find wifi signals at most restaurants
  • Sad connectivity – bad mobile reception, who cares! (focus on real connectivity)
  • 2 days are good enough for the not-so-beachy beings
  • 4 days minimum for water enthusiasts and beach lovers

Best time to go:

Avoid the monsoons between October and March (most of it is shut then anyway)… Besides that… enjoy!

Good for:

  • Family
  • Couples
  • Singles
  • Group of friends
  • Solo travellers

…. Basically everyone!!! 🙂

Teenie-tiny wobbly hatchlings...
Teenie-tiny wobbly hatchlings…

Recommended stay at… 

Bubbles Dive Resort at Perhentian Besar! They have the entire bay to themselves. Beautiful scenery, dense jungle trail, brilliant instructors, lip-smacking food and I can just go on and on…. They have never disappointed me!

Bubbles Dive Resort
Bubbles Dive Resort


Of cyan waters and crystal drifts:

We walked across inter-connected beaches, followed the jungle trail, went snorkelling and deep-sea diving, enjoyed a ferry and jetty ride more than once. The highlight of the trip was that there was absolutely no agenda! Our only aim was to lie by the hammocks, walk along the beach, end our fear of deep-sea diving and sit by the shores to absorb the endless ocean right in front of us. Just the two of us, just two hands to hold without any disturbance or turbulence of any sort.

Our footprints at Perhentian Bay!
Our footprints at Perhentian Bay!

The Perhentian islands, as I would say, are treasure houses of pristine perfection on earth. The drifting clouds, rippling waters, connect to nature and our diving escapades are all part of a wholesome experience.  What are you waiting for? Book a stay there, capture some picture-perfect memories and bring home a whole new experience; a whole new you!

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20 thoughts on “The Emerald Waters of Perhentian Islands

  1. Is the island suitable for diving? I would like to immerse myself in Sipadan within 5 days, but the flight ticket is quite expensive. I’m finding out the alternative. I’m a big fan of water sports and trekking.

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  2. Yes, iv recently been certified as an Open Water Diver… the site is amazinggggg… u must dive here… once it reopens post monsoons… most prolly march


  3. What a paradise! I hope to visit it someday and dive there!
    So you are a diver too? That’s awesome 😀 How was diving there?
    The Turtle Conservation Project sounds interesting, I would love to do it too!

    Thank you so much for joining #MondayEscapes

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  4. I’ve always wanted to visit these islands but have been in the area at the wrong time (monsoons). They look just as beautiful as I imagined. Thanks for reminding me I have yet to tick them off my list #mondayescapes

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  5. Hi Aditi, I’m a Malaysian and I haven’t been to Perhentian! I really should make a trip there next year. Thanks for sharing 🙂 #MondayEscapes


  6. Absolutely beautiful. A really informative post (I like all the detail on what to bring and who it will suit) with your passion shining through.

    Linking up via #MondayEscapes

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