Friends helped us clear our exams ;)

My Girls – My Soulmates!

A passage dedicated to all my gal-friends who’ve made a huge difference in my life…

Friends helped us clear our exams ;)
Friends help us clear our exams 😉

My girls – my all!

My girls are my all. As much as I miss being with them, I cherish and treasure the moments I have spent with them. The good old college days, the parties, the late night gossip over coffee, the stay-over at one another’s houses, burning the midnight oil just a week before exams, exchanging notes, the frustration and stress of being single in our late twenties and a lot more. My girls are indeed everything to me – my soul sisters, my mirror, my best buddies, my hate buddies and my only buddies who know me inside out!

As everyone says ‘college days’ are the ‘best days’, I’d agree with that and also add that college gives you friends for life. Having your girl friends is like having someone to share your life and life experiences with, the chit chats you can’t do with anyone else, the NEWS you want to break just to them and the endless stories that keep cropping up in our day to day lives. All the endless chit-chat sessions, the study material and notes exchanged over coffee, the never-ending assignments – defines everyone’s college life.

Life is a celebration with your girls
Life is a celebration with your girls

A world without boys:

Who needs boys when you have your girls? Well, while boys are a part and parcel of a number of happenings in your lives, you would want to go back to your girls at the end of the day for that ‘’ oh, you ought to know’ download, for their piece of advice, for sharing what’s in your mind. Men enter and exit your life, but your girls are who stay for you!

Ever done something wrong; who have you shared it with? Ever told a lie about your whereabouts; who has covered it up for you? Your girls of course!!! They are the ones who’ve stood up for you when the whole world was against you, the ones who’ve always listened to you, not to judge you! Your girl friends are indeed your soulmates; you have such a deep-rooted connect you cannot explain. They are always by your side, with you by default, at all times.

Pic from college days
Pic from college days

Girls make merry this Friendship Day:

Soon social media is gonna be flooded with ‘Happy Friendship Day’ messages. I dedicate this week to my ‘girl’friends – my soulmates!!!

Let’s dedicate this Friendship Day to our girls:

  • Laugh and cry: Your girls cry, laugh, eat, drink, party and bitch with you! If you have them, you have it all! For the petty follies you make, the sins you commit – they are your guardian angels. They will not judge you or shirk you off, they will hold your hands and walk with you. They are like bitter coffee beans who can be really harsh. Crack them and you’ll know who they really are.
  • ‘Girls only’ please: Who needs a man when you have your girls? So what if you’re married, so what if you’re hooked? Ditch the boys and plan a vacation with your girls every once in a while. It helps you refresh, open up, live the good old days and for a change makes you realize how much you’ve changed. Go take a break – be the crazy person you are! Your girls are your soul-mates – your souls will never repel!
  • Fix that appointment: Get back to being your independent self, hang out with your girls, watch that girly flick, comment like there’s no one around you, catch up with your overdue salon appointments, go for that awaited fish spa, go clubbing, share those drinks you always have!
  • Back to school: Where did you first meet your girls? At school, in college? Whatever the case, head back to that campus, order the same cuppa coffee, share the same snacks and sit at the food court/ basketball court that you used to.
  • In family, I found a friend: Some of your closest girl friends could be your sister, cousin, co-sister, sister in-law or anyone else! Hang out with them, connect with them and most importantly value the relationship you share with them coz ‘all friends may be family’, but ‘all family may not be a friend’.
Can't wait for another trip with them...
Can’t wait for another trip with them…

Lyf&Spice on ‘My girls – my soulmates’:

“Like the coffee bean that’s bitter untouched, and so fine when ground,

So are my girls, who stand by me whether I’m right or sinfully underground;

Relationships may sail or die, or even fade some day,

That’s when I need my girls the most – my soulmates, never drift away!”

[This post first appeared on Lyf&Spice . Linking it to #TurnItUpTuesdays:]

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